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Mattermost, Go, and Tech Talk with Jesús Espino

January 24, 2024 Jesús Espino
Ardan Labs Podcast
Mattermost, Go, and Tech Talk with Jesús Espino
Show Notes

Jesús Espino is a Senior Staff Engineer at Mattermost specializing in Full Stack Development on the API side of the platform. Mattermost is an open source platform for secure collaboration across the entire software development lifecycle. Mattermost’s platform powers over 800,000 workspaces worldwide with the support of over 4,000 contributors from across the developer community.  In this episode, Jesús takes us on a journey through his time in the tech industry while sharing valuable insight and entertaining stories along the way.

00:00 Introduction

05:29 What is Jesús Doing Today? 

10:50 First Memory of a Computer

17:32 Thoughts on University

25:21 Joining the Workforce

33:03 First Job after University

47:08 Moving Companies

51:30 Transitioning to Go

58:40 Deciding to Focus on Go

1:03:40 Solving Problems with Internals of Go

1:11:50 Thoughts on Mattermost

1:13:16 Contact Info

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