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Go, A.I, and Python with Miki Tebeka

January 10, 2024 Miki Tebeka
Ardan Labs Podcast
Go, A.I, and Python with Miki Tebeka
Show Notes

Miki Tebeka is the CEO of 353solutions and an Instructor at Ardan Labs where he specializes in teaching effective hands-on workshops all over the world and solving tough problems as a Consultant. He is also the organizer of Gophercon Israel and Pydata Israel Meetup and a published author. In this episode Miki takes us on his journey through the tech industry and shares his experiences along the way. 

00:00 Introduction

07:17 What is Miki Doing Today?

13:19 First Memory of a Computer

16:30 Joining the Army

27:43 Starting University

34:18  First Jobs in Tech

49:46 Moving to the U.S

1:00:47 Moving back to Israel / Starting 353solutions

1:08:38 Post-Covid Education

1:14:40 Future of Go and Python

1:25:40 Contact Info

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