Ardan Labs Podcast, Education, and Go with Lane Wagner

August 02, 2023 Lane Wagner
Ardan Labs Podcast, Education, and Go with Lane Wagner
Show Notes

 Lane Wagner is an experienced leader with a demonstrated history in engineering software systems. He is the Founder of and has a deep passion for teaching Computer Science and Software Engineering to others. is an educational platform which offers hands-on coding courses and multiple projects to teach their students back-end development. In this episode, Lane takes us on his journey through the tech industry and how his interest in tech has evolved.

00:00 Introduction 

03:08 What is Lane Doing Today?

07:30 Designing Educational Material

13:40 Marketing Your Website

20:00 First memory of a Computer

25:20 Interests in High School 

26:40 Living Abroad 

34:00 Returning to the U.S

39:40 Joining the Workforce

47:47 Moving to Salt Lake City

49:00 Initial Job in Go

52:45 Moving Companies

57:20 Deciding to Write a Course

1:00:00 Beginning of

1:05:45 Keeping Content Updated

1:11:50 Top 5 Course Ideas for the Future

1:14:50 State of A.I in Tech - Pros/Cons

1:20:35 Contact Info

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