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Movies, Macs, and Microsoft with John Doak

November 08, 2022 John Doak
Ardan Labs Podcast
Movies, Macs, and Microsoft with John Doak
Show Notes

 John Doak is a Principal Engineer at Microsoft and also the author of the book “Go for DevOps”. In this episode he takes us through his journey from martial arts and cinematography in high school and college to becoming a published author and master at networking.

00:00 Introduction 

03:08 What is John Doing today 

05:37 Writing “Go for DevOps”

14:00 Graduating high school

16:15 First memory of a computer 

23:00 High school interests 

28:40 Post high school thoughts

32:50 Triple majoring in college 

36:00 Battling migraines through university / odd jobs 

46:13 Moving to San Francisco

51:08 What happens after 5 years

57:52 Looking into Google 

1:04:10 How long were you at Google?

1:06:40 Networking Skills 

1:13:04 What do you think about Tailscale?

1:14:21 Leaving Google

1:20:10 Would you write another book? 

1:23:29 Current interests in Tech? 

1:28:40 Contact Info

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