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From Music to Coding with Tracy Holmes

October 28, 2022 Tracy Holmes
Ardan Labs Podcast
From Music to Coding with Tracy Holmes
Show Notes

 Tracy Holmes is a Technical Community Advocate at Isovalent who takes us through her path to reaching her present position. In this episode we can watch her story develop from being involved in music and theater in high school to working for a prestigious technology company. 

00:00 Introduction 

05:40 What is Tracy doing today?

08:55 First memory of a computer 

14:00 Interests in high school

22:22 Growing up / raising kids

30:00 Struggles in college / anxiety

36:25 Switching Majors in college

42:25 Social responsibility with jobs

46:39 After college jobs

58:38 Working as a system admin

1:02:00 Anxiety and fixing things

1:16:00 Participating in meetups

1:22:20 Finding Isovalent

1:29:00 Future projects with technology

1:33:20 Thing happen for a reason

1:38:20 Contact info

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