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Web Development and Cloud Computing with Colby Fayock

October 12, 2022 Bill Kennedy
Ardan Labs Podcast
Web Development and Cloud Computing with Colby Fayock
Show Notes

Colby Fayock is currently a Senior Developer Experience Engineer at Cloudinary who teaches the tools of the web and Cloudinary implementation. Colby takes us on a journey through creating websites in highschool to using cloud technologies and landing a job at Cloudinary.

Connect with Colby:

Mentioned in today’s episode:
Cloudinary : gr-sea-gg-brand-home-base
Inktober :

00:00 Introduction

01:20 What are you currently doing today?

05:35 What were you focused on in high school? 

10:01 Building websites and hobbies in high school

14:52 Finding a major at Penn-State 

19:31 Thoughts on graduate school 

21:37 Finding jobs after university

28:40 Technology for web development / Moving jobs

37:17 Realizing you’re underpaid and moving forward

40:30 Working at ThinkGeek

47:24 Getting ”the boot” / Front-end and back-end relationships

58:10 Exploring for new opportunities

1:02:38 Working at Element84

1:07:45 Using serverless technology

1:15:38 Landing at Cloudinary

1:19:50 What is your current role at Cloudinary?

1:21:36 How is your company measuring success?

1:27:56 Contact info

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